Aquatic Center

Our spacious indoor aquatic center, featuring lap pool, activity pool and whirlpool, is host to a variety of aquatic programs for participants of all ages and ability levels.

Lessons & Classes

Classes are offered throughout the year and are led by an experienced team swim instructors. Click here to register.

Private swim lessons are a fantastic way for children and adults to learn how to swim and refine their skills in both private and group sessions. Participants will receive individual instruction from an experienced swim instructor in a pressure free environment. Private swim lessons are perfect for any age or ability level and are offered every day and are based around participant availability. To register, stop by the Service Desk or call 847-285-5400.

5 (30 min) Classes Private Semi-Private Group Private
Resident / Member $129 $172 $199
Non-Resident $141 $188 $217

* Fee split between participants. Participants should be around the same age and swim level.

Group Fitness

Aqua Blast: Get stronger and leaner without impact on your joints using water resistance, aquatic dumbbells and noodles. Great total body workout for all levels of fitness.

Aqua Fusion: A cardiovascular and muscle-conditioning program within a safe, low impact environment. Large range of motion is stressed to increase flexibility and resistance exercises tone specific muscle groups. The class finishes with the centering of Ai Chi to leave you balanced and energized.

Power Splash: Set to music and adaptable to all fitness levels, this class uses the natural resistance of the water to give an excellent aerobic workout. Come jump, kick, and splash your way through this energizing program.

Click here for the Group Fitness Class schedule.


Contact Dru Steinhoff, Aquatic & Program Manager, at or at 847-285-5417 for more information.